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Closing the Teach For America Blogging Gap

As a recently accepted 2014 Corps Member I have not had to look far to find TFA critics. When I was a prospective applicant trying to research the organization, I could not get past all of the articles, sob stories, and blogs to find the information that I wanted. Therefore, instead of ignoring them I decided to read every article and blog that reached my eyes. I was able to find out why John or Jane quit, why Mr. Doe doesn’t write recommendations for TFA, how unprepared every TFA teacher was (is what some articles would have you believe), how it steals jobs from veteran teachers, how it assists in high turnover, how it assists in privatization of education, and how it is the worst thing since Miley twerked at the VMAs. I then turned to my campus recruiter, TFA’s website, and the positive articles for the “kool-aid”…and I knew…

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